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38 Parenting Humor Writing Markets to Submit to

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Humor, Parenting, writing | 0 comments

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Below is a non-exhaustive list of markets to send parenting humor writing to. I’ve linked to submission guidelines to pubs that I know of that have them listed online. If they don’t list them online, you can often turn up an editor name by searching Twitter, LinkedIn, or magazine mastheads.  If you know of some listed below that have submission guidelines that I missed, feel free to let me know and I can update the list.  

There is a wide variety of parenting humor out there from satirical pieces to essays with humor mixed in, to lists and listicles, or more straightforward articles that sprinkle in jokes. The best way to figure out what a publication takes is to spend some time reading current articles (signing up for publication newsletters is also a good way to keep some tabs on what they are currently running).

I also like to sometimes stalk, I mean follow with interest, other writers in the parenting humor field to get a sense of the types of pieces they are writing and publications they are writing for. You can follow them on social media or many writers include a list of publications and links to their work on their websites.

Parenting Humor Writing Market List


I’ve put a dollar sign ($) by the publications that I know of that pay and a dollar sign and an asterisk ($*) by ones that may not pay for all pieces ($*). Some places only pay for original pieces but not reprints and others are small operations that don’t have the funds to pay but often let you retain rights to use your work elsewhere. You can check Who Pays Writers to get a sense of rates for some pubs if they aren’t listed in their guidelines.

Satire Markets

The pubs in this section accept satire/parody/conceptual humor exclusively. Some have restrictions in this realm (e.g. no “fake news” or poetry pieces) so check out their submission guidelines for more details.

I’ve highlighted a few good options below, and for more lists of general humor markets look here and here.

Medium publications

Note: There are many publications on Medium that take parenting humor. Medium pubs sometimes give you the option (or require you) to put pieces behind a paywall for a chance to earn some money. In my experience, it is usually not a ton of money – my current lowest-paid articles have made less than one dollar and my highest paid is currently $285. There are also lots of stories on Medium about how much different Medium writers make that you can search around for and read.

Non-Medium publications:

Places that accept humorous essays and articles, primarily

Note: Some of these pubs may occasionally run satire but satire can be tougher to place in a non-satire outlet. An editor of a non-satire parenting outlet once told me that their audience gets confused when they run satire, so I would think about whether the piece you want to submit might be more of a funny list or just something that will make sense to an audience that is expecting something more straightforward from the site they are reading. I have had some luck placing pieces that I would describe as more mainstream satire – like this one.

Markets that accept articles and personal essay

Literary magazine markets

Markets that primarily accept researched articles or essays (that you could infuse with some humor)


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